Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets review

My Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets pack arrived with only 1 recipe booklet
 from SSM. They became aware of an error within their packing department
 and very quickly dispatched the remaining 9 out within the week.

20 pack Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets
10 Recipe booklets
Market research sheets
Project handbook

Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets
On opening the packaging the fragrance was very refreshing and pleasant. 
On inspection of the tablets they were different to any I had used before with 
pattern of liquids on one side.

 I set a load going in the dishwasher on the economy setting as these 
were the results 



As you can see from the photos it cleaned the grill pan although it
did not remove the stubborn burnt on food.

To my surprise they left the dishwasher sparkling clean with no leftover 
grease or residue.

My overall opinion of the dishwasher tablets is their cleaning power is 
fantastic the glasses came out sparkling there is only one downside and
that is the removal of stubborn stains they still out perform any others 
I have used in the past.

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