Thursday, 12 July 2012


Like many people i to was saddened by the death of Eric Sykes. A genius of his craft as
 a script writer and as an actor, who brought laughter into thousands of peoples' lives. He
 was a man who had quite a tough upbringing and i believe those experiences as a child
 helped pave the way to a life in comedy. Whether it was writing for Frankie Howerd in 
the 1940's or Peter Sellers and the rest of The Goons in the 1950's or for his own show
 Sykes in the 1960's-1970's to name but a few.He brought tears of joy to many 
households.Oh and who can ever forget THE PLANK the best slapstick movie  ever to 
be made in England. Pure genius. Of course we mustn't forget that Eric also appeared in
 movies such as "The Others" with Nicole Kidman and one of the Harry Potter films.

His autobiography "If I don't write it nobody else will" makes a very interesting read. 
Behind all great comedians lays tragedy in one shape or another and Eric i think was no 
exception to that rule as his mother died in childbirth.Now they are reunited.

Rest in Peace Eric Sykes 1923-2012

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