Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bacon cheese burger

Welcome to another mouth watering meal to tempt and to tantalise your taste buds.
Almost all of us like a good tasty burger from time to time and if you don't fancy 
going out to a fast food chain for the "usual" why not try this at home for yourselves?

The Normal Strong Cheese and Bacon Burger. 

If you don't want a trip to a fast food outlet but don't have huge amounts of time on your
 hands why not try this simple recipe:


Burger rolls
Burgers (of your choice)
Strong Vintage Cheese

Place Burgers under a medium grill and allow to cook in the usual way.
Grate plenty of Vintage Cheese.
Prepare the salad ingredients.

Plate up the salad and if so choose dress it with your favourite salad dressing.
When one side of the burgers are cooked turn them to cook the other side.
Now gently pan fry the bacon until it is slightly crispy.

Just as the burgers are ready, pile the grated cheese on top of the burgers and place back under the grill.
Place opened burger rolls on each plate and butter the rolls if so desired.
Once the cheese has melted over the burgers place them in each roll and top with the cooked bacon.
Now place the top half of the rolls on top of your tasty bacon and cheese burger.
Now sit down with family and friends and all enjoy your meal.

Another alternative if you have the time is to follow this next simple recipe:


Fresh minced Beef
Fresh minced Lamb
Fresh mint
Fresh coriander
Garlic powder
Cumin powder
All spice
salt and black pepper
Cayanne pepper
Olive oil

1: Place minced Beef and minced Lamb into a large bowl.
2: Now add a teaspoon of Garlic powder to another smaller bowl.
3: Now add a teaspoon of Cumin and All Spice to the Garlic powder.
4: Add half a teaspoon of Cayanne Pepper  and salt and black pepper.
5: Give the dry ingredients a quick stir and add to the minced Beef and Lamb.
6: Finely chop the mint and coriander and add them to the mix.
7: Using your fingers mix and bind the ingredients together.
8: You have now created your own burger mix.So now scoop out enough of the mix
 to make a patty of your  own size and wrap in cling film and place on a tray until
 all patties are made.
9:Heat Olive Oil in a frying pan on a medium heat. Unwrap the burger patties and gently
 pan fry them until cooked.
10: Plate up the burgers in the usual manner adding the melted cheese and fried bacon 
and the side salad and above all ENJOY! 

REMEMBER the measurements for the spices and the herbs will depend on your own 
personal taste to create a great smelling and great tasting meal.

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