Family Tree - Part 1 Getting started

Have you ever wanted to start your family tree but think it’s too difficult or it will cost too
much money well read on.

When starting you family tree the first thing you need to do is gather all the information 
you have on your family first., birth/marriage and death certificates, letters, cards, baby 
books, photos in short anything relating to your family you can find then starting with 
yourself map your family tree yourself, parents, their parents etc etc as far or as little 
as you can. It is now time to question your relatives make up some questions to ask 
so that you are prepared before hand, ie if you are questioning your parents you 
could ask:                                                                                                                                                                                

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Family Tree – Part 2 BMD Indexes

I now have a small family tree. So how do I go further back?
How to use Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes.

1.       Verify the information you have is correct.
You can do this via the BMD Indexes it's a FREE website where volunteers have 
transcribed the indexes for you. Please be aware there are some records missing 
of which can be checked on the site.

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Family tree - Part 3 Parish registers

Parish registers are baptisms, marriages and burials these can be found via local
record offices, libraries, online and some churches still hold theirs. They can be a
great companion to certificates and before 1837 they are used instead of certificates.

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Family tree - Part 4 Census records

Census records are details of households taken by the government every 10 years
 since 1801 for statistics purposes. Although they are only useful to genealogist and
those tracing their family tree from the 1841 census as they contain details of
every person living in the household.

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