Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Good Food Show Summer at NEC Birmingham

We set off on the Saturday to stay in Holiday Inn, Redbridge, what a surprise when
we arrived all the staff were very welcoming and friendly and the room was
immaculate with a very comfy bed (always a must). We had dinner in the restaurant
at he hotel and the food was amazing. We then retired to our room of which had 2
double beds as we only took our youngest Charlie who is 9 he was very impressed
with having such a large bed all to himselfwhile Dylan our eldest who is 16 stayed
home to look after the chickens . We then sat down to watch sky TV for a while
before showers and bed. The next morning we were up early and went down for
breakfast at seven. It was a nice self service breakfast with a choice of cereals, toast,
pan o chocolat and a variety of hot and cold drinks to choose from. Just what we needed
to set us up for the long day ahead at the BBC Good Food Show Summer at the
 NEC, Birmingham.

We got to the show about half an hour before it opened and there were already crowds
of  people. We showed our tickets and as Kat has to use a wheelchair to get about 
 the officials at the show guided us to the front of the long line of people waiting to
get in to the show! Then to top it all the head of security allowed us to go into the show
with a head start of about one minute. There were variety of stalls with some missing
from last years show and some new stall holders . Charlie was in his element stopping
at nearly every stall to try something, he liked most of the foods/drinks he tried apart
from a hot sauce  (Can't imagine why he did not like it ha ha) and a bar called a 9 bar
and made no bones about telling the stall holder how horrible it was (one of those
moments hen you want to hide under something). We purchased cheese, cakes, yogurt
maker, Ice cream maker, lots of baking bits including glitters and flavourings the list
goes on and on we spent a fortune. We tried to look around the Garden sections but
the mass of people made it near on impossible for a wheelchair so we went round the
food section again and spent some more lol. Around 3ish we decided it was time for
home as its over a 3 hour journey to home so we grabbed some free goody bags which
came with some Baileys this year yippee and headed off home. 


  1. It sounds good. Wish I could be there!! :)

  2. I posted a comment on the good food show