Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Here is an idea you may like to try out. It can be an alternative to the traditional fry -up 
for breakfast or as a brunch. It can be quite filling so those who have small appetites 
be warned!

 6 eggs
4 slices of bread (thick)
 six sausages (spicy)
Chilli flakes
black pepper
Olive Oil


                  1) Beat eggs thoroughly in a large bowl.
                  2) Cut bread into bite sized pieces and add to the beaten eggs.
                  3) Slice up the sausages and gently fry in Olive Oil. To this add a couple of pinches
                      of Chili  flakes (to say "How do you do" to your taste buds), salt, pepper. (allow
                      to carry on frying)
                  4) Slice mushrooms and add to the frying sausages.(until all ingredients in frying
                       pan are cooked)
                  5) Butter a large deep oven proof dish.
                  6) Now add the cooked ingredients to the soaking egg/bread mix and gently
                  7) Pour ingredients into the buttered dish.
                  8) Now place dish in the oven Gas mark 4 for approx 30-45 mins or until the meal is
                      firm to the touch.
                  9) Serve with a side order of your choice : beans, toms, chips or salad.
                 10) ENJOY.

The quantities for the ingredients will serve approx 4 people, so adjust  accordingly.
(remember you can add bacon to the mix as well if you so desire).

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