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Family Tree - Part 1 Getting started

Have you ever wanted to start your family tree but think it’s too difficult or it will cost too
much money well read on.

When starting you family tree the first thing you need to do is gather all the information 
you have on your family first., birth/marriage and death certificates, letters, cards, baby 
books, photos in short anything relating to your family you can find then starting with 
yourself map your family tree yourself, parents, their parents etc etc as far or as little 
as you can. It is now time to question your relatives make up some questions to ask 
so that you are prepared before hand, ie if you are questioning your parents you 
could ask:

                                         1.       Date of birth 
                                               2.       Place of birth
                                               3.       Their parents names with  step 1 & 2 for each
                                               4.       Their grandparents names with step 1 & 2 for each
                                               5.       Their siblings names with step 1 & 2 for each
                                               6.       Their parents siblings with step 1 & 2 for each
                                               7.       Their grandparents siblings  with step 1 & 2 for each
                                               8.       Are there any family tales or mysteries

These are just a few of the questions you could ask. Try to get the family together 
the older relations will have plenty of stories to tell and once they get together and 
are talking you will find out a lot more as they jog each other’s memories.

Family tree example

                             Arthur  Smith   =   Jean Willis              Henry Perry    =    Mary Jones                                
                              30/01/1917            06/8/1915               03/1/1912               12/11/21
                          Brighton, Sussex     Brighton, Sussex   Newhaven, Sussex     Falmer, Sussex

                                       James Smith                        =                    Anne Perry
                                        30/09/1937                                               25/3/1939                                                                                                                                                
                                Brighton, East Sussex                             Newhaven, East Sussex

John smith
 Derby, Derbyshire

You can then compile what you know of your family tree see example you can do
 this on paper or if you search the web you can find free programs which will map
 it for you.  To be continued  

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