Monday, 25 June 2012

Family Tree – Part 2 BMD Indexes

I now have a small family tree. So how do I go further back?
How to use Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes.

1.       Verify the information you have is correct.
You can do this via the BMD Indexes it's a FREE website where volunteers have 
transcribed the indexes for you. Please be aware there are some records missing 
of which can be checked on the site.

You will know that your parents names are correct so start with your grandparents. 
To do this you need to search one parents name for example purposes we will work
 from your father.

1.       Search your father's name

2.       Note the maiden name of the mother on the indexes (only after 1911)

3.       Search a marriage of father surname and mothers maiden name

4. Verify the information on your paternal grandfather is correct

You can continue doing this to verify as many generations as you are aware of but once 
you get to a brick wall you then need to purchase certificates or find parish registers.

If the last person you know is your grandfather you will need to order the marriage as in 
picture 4 has details next to the name you will need these to order a copy from the 
GRO or you can purchase via the local register of where the marriage was registered.

You will see that it states the bride & groom their ages, residence, occupation. Father's 
name and occupation. Now that you have this information you can search for a marriage for
 his father as in picture 3 & 4. If he would have been born before 1911 you can search the
1911 census this will cost you but you can buy credits for Find my past or do a 28 day free 
trial on Ancestry.

To find the death for an ancestor search BMD Indexes 

You can now order certificates via the details next to the name as before.

Continue doing this until you get to 1911 or before. You can then use certificates in 
conjunction  with census records to really see your ancestors come to life.

To be continued 

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