Saturday, 10 November 2012

The London Perfume Company Review

I was a little unsure what to expect when I agreed to review
The London Perfume Company website and as soon as I checked
out the home page  I knew I was going to enjoy the experience.

Thanks to the 'clean' neutral colour scheme of the background, 
attention is focused on the products and the literature and not
on a bright and busy background that may cause distraction.

The home page has all the ingredients needed to
allow potential customers to navigate their way
around the web site in a relaxed informative way.
There is a four page animated advert displaying
special offers,delivery, payment methods and of
course Perfume.

There is also a product search bar, as well as a site
contents list, and access to 'Our Best Sellers' range.
Also there is are sub-headings for different catagories
such as For Her, For Him a drop down menu bar for
the different and exciting  brands available on the site.
A Gift set section and of course a special offers section.

If you are wanting to know about the company, there is the usual
'About us' page which tells of the company's pledge to a 100%
customer commitment. There is even a 'Recruitment Page'
explaining what the company expects their staff to deliver
to the customer.

The Blog page is brilliant and contains fabulous deals, competitions
and of course offers advice to the customer.

All in all the London Perfume Company website is brilliant,
customer orientated and very easy to navigate.

Go on take a look for yourself here.

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