Saturday, 27 October 2012

UtterlyPersonal - Personalised Giraffe Pyjama Case

We were very kindly asked by online gift retailer
to review just one of hundreds of wonderful personalised gifts that they
have on was very hard to choose, as they supply personalised
gifts for just about every single occasion..Birthdays,Weddings, Christenings,
even personalised gifts for pets. But with Christmas just around the corner
 we decided on the personalised Giraffe Baby Pyjama Case.

 Our son who loves soft toys, saw it and fell in love with it and
staked his claim on it, before he even saw his name on it, The
Giraffe Baby Pyjama Case is beautifully designed and
constructed, meeting all British Safety Standards.

It is a wonderful toy. Soft to the touch so any young child
will simply love to hug and cuddle it. But it also has a practical
element for Parents as it is doubles up as a pyjama case.

Velcro on the back holds the pyjamas securely inside,which in
turn will add to the softness thus making the toy even more cuddly.
It can even hold a small hot water bottle instead of pyjamas for
those cold winter nights. Parents may even like to cuddle it now
and again too and as this beautiful toy has been personalised
there can be no arguments between family members as to who this
lovely toy belongs too! So adults be warned you can't stake your
claim on it if your name isn't on it!

We found enclosed with the toy a 'Giraffe Baby Birth Certificate',
on it is a little note from the 'Giraffe Baby' telling the 'owner'
what uses the pyjama case has.Also at the bottom of the
certificate, there is provision for the 'Owner's name' plus the name
of the 'Giraffe Baby'....come on now, who doesn't like to give
their cuddly toys a name. Plus room for the 'Giraffe Baby's birthday'.

All in all this is a wonderful toy and every child deserves one
especially one that has been personalised just for them.

So why not take a look at the brilliant range of products on offer
at as we feel confident you will find a
fantastic personalised gift for someone in your life, young or old.

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