Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Everyone knows that kids love to draw, and everyone knows that the vast majority
of kids love to drink ROBINSONS FRUIT SHOOT.

Well, NEW for 2012, ROBINSONS FRUIT SHOOT have teamed up with
SMENCILS brought to you by LEARNING RESOURCES to produce Fruit
Shoot smelling pencils called SMENCILS.

SMENCILS are the world's only scented pencils, made from 100% recycled

This pack of SMENCILS contains 5 SMENCILS each one is packaged in it's
own biodegradable plastic tube, topped with a blue bung that is not only colour
coded on the tip denoting the flavoured scent within but it also has the flavour name
printed on it to.The pack we received contained the Fruit Shoot flavours: Apple,
Orange, Summer Fruits, Blackcurrant & Apple and Tropical.

So not only do you have the Fruit Shoot smell but the SMENCILS really do work
in exactly the same way as an ordinary pencil.

They are well presented and are brightly coloured and combined with the scent,
kids will love them.

Priced at £5.99 for a set of 5 they are reasonably priced for any family and a
great addition to any pencil case.

Our son Charlie couldn't wait to get to grips with these Smencils.
He is a bit of a Fruit Shoot 'nut' and he couldn't help but sniff the Smencils
and said they smelt 'Absolutely great and my friends are going to be so 

Being a keen doodler, he couldn't wait to put them to the real test and 
soon out came the paper so he could get doodling! 

The Smencils worked exactly like any ordinary pencil.
Charlie was really delighted with these scented pencils and we are certain
that they will encourage Kids of ALL ages to take up drawing in a really 
fun way.

Please check out Learning Resources fantastic facebook competition to win 
not 5 but but a pack of 10 of these fantastic smencils.

We were sent this product in exchange for ourselves to review and give our
own personal opinion no monitories were exchanged

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