Wednesday, 8 August 2012



We were up at 2am to start our journey to Tamar Lakes near Bude, Cornwall. The car was
 all packed the day before, so all I had to do was load Kat and our son Charlie into the well
 packed car so the journey could begin....
      We arrived at our destination earlier than planned and were pleasantly surprised by the
 quiet and relaxed atmosphere and that we were allowed to book in early! Most places are
strict on times for booking in.
   The Manager showed us to the wooden camping tent pod that we would be staying in. It
 contained bunk beds a food storage unit, cool box with ice packs and table and chairs.
We soon had the car unpacked and were ready to start our holiday in quick time. (usually
we would be erecting an 8 man tent at this stage!)
   It was so lovely and quiet and there were only a handful of people camped. This may
 have been down to the rotten rainy weather. We had a great view of the lake and the
surrounding countryside.
  The Lake was huge and many people fish and sail on the lake. There was a lot of
Canadian Geese present, as well as nesting sand martins, a large grey heron and a couple
 of Cormorants sitting around on the floating bouys.
     The walk around the lake took approx 1 hour and was lovely and quiet.

          Our first outing of the holiday took us to Quince Honey Farm in South Molton,
Devon. A great place and easy to find too! The fried breakfast was very tasty and the
staff were very friendly and made us feel welcome. There was a large indoor play area
that Charlie loved and he made several new friends.
   They not only had bees, but they also had Leaf Cutting Ants and Asian Weaver Ants
going about their lives which were quite fascinating to watch.

        Our next outing was all in the name of Family History and a trip into the wilds of
Dorset! A few of Kat's ancestors hailed from Dorset so armed with a list of surnames
and locations we set off to see if we could locate the Parish Churches and hopefully a
few headstones. We were lucky enough to find one or two which as any family historian
will tell you is a bonus as generally you won't find any. Still we got a few good photo's
 of churches to go with Kat's collection.

        We went to Morrisons in Bude for a few supplies and directly opposite was a large
 play zone and as the weather was still rotten we took Charlie in there for a couple of
hours. What a popular place that was, busy busy busy! Charlie loved it and again made
 new friends and he loved the vertical drop slide! We then decided to explore the town
and treated ourselves to a Cornish cream tea. YUMMY!!
   Kat found a cooking/baking supply shop so £20 later and a carrier bag, we made our
way back to the car.

        The weather was still bad (good old fashioned British summer), so we went to a
large adventure park called 'The Milky Way'. Luckily it had loads going on inside and
was a very busy and popular venue. Because Kat is disabled and has to use a wheelchair
whenever we go out she got in for FREE!! While Charlie and I had to pay (BOO!!!) lol.
 Kat did some ceramic painting while I took Charlie to try his hand at archery! Robin
Hood had nothing on him lol xx He loved the play zone too but was a little nervous of the
 high vertical slides but being the adrenaline freak he is he soon overcame his fear and
was throwing himself off the vertical slides.
    I did call his bluff though as he insisted I took him on an alien ride hee hee.
    But all in all, I think the Birds of Prey area and their display had to be the highlight of
 the day. It was fantastic!!!! Boy them birds were fast!

          Again we went on our quest for more Family History, more ancestor hunting by
 paying a visit to St.Ewes in Cornwall. No headstones but a couple of pictures of the
Parish Church made it all worthwhile.

      Because the weather really was awful we spent the rest of our holiday time in play z
ones, shopping malls and Hobbycraft as Kat has now taken up knitting as a hobby. I have
 put my orders in already lol. But because the weather wasn't showing any signs of
improving we cut our holiday short and returned home to a mountain of packets and
parcels from all the competitions that Kat had won (  cleaver girl! )


  1. Lovely pictures. Shame about the weather though. I'm sure it's been the worst summer ever in Lancashire (although great for ducks) but it's bad when it's just as awful in Cornwall.

    I love that wooden pod. I quite fancy one in the garden. :)

  2. I really love these pics. Cornwall looks great as always, shame about the weather though, but there again that is England for you!! Lol!!! :)