Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Laurel and Hardy

A genius pairing of two great comedians in their own right. Comedians
who have been described as American comedians. This statement isn't
entirely correct, in as much that Arthur Stanley Jefferson ( Stan Laurel)
was actually born in June 1890 in Ulverston , Lancashire in the United
Kingdom and Norvell Hardy (Oliver Hardy) could trace his ancestors
back to England and Scotland.

Although they started off on their own and were brilliant entertainers in
their own right. A special and magical chemistry formed between them
when they paired up. They made many short silent films. In 1929 they
made their first short film with sound. Then in 1931 they made their first
feature film, the brilliant and very funny 'Pardon Us'. they went on to
make many more hysterical short films and feature films including 'Way
out West', 'The Music Box', 'Dirty Work','Sons of the Desert' 'Our
relations' 'Saps at Sea' and not forgetting the all time classic 'Blockheads'.

They did their 'bit' to entertain the troops in WWII by being among the
first troop of Hollywood stars to travel around various locations in the
world to remind the U.S. troops they were't forgotten back home.

Oliver Hardy was also the first comedian to 'use' the camera as a 'tool'
a means of  drawing in the audience. When certain things happened
normally as a result of Stan laurel's actions, Oliver Hardy would 'look'
directly into the camera to express himself. Something which had never
been done before and something most actors and directors frowned
upon.But this brave move by Oliver Hardy was nothing but a success
and helped make the audiences warm to them even more and it became
one of his trade marks.

They continued to make films with the last one being made in 1952.
1954 was to be their last official engagement together after they
appeared on America's 'This is your life' TV show.

Oliver Hardy went on a diet and lost 150lb approximately equal to
Stan Laurel's actual weight.He suffered a stroke in 1956 and sadly
passed away on the 7th August 1957. He was cremated and his ashes
interred at the 'Garden of Valhalla' Memorial Park North Hollywood.
Oliver N. Hardy 1892-1957

Stan Laurel sadly died of a heart attack on 23rd February 1965. He
was laid to rest at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills, Los
Angeles, California. Stan Laurel 1890-1965

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